Manx Christmas Kittens readily available December 6th! Currently 8 weeks old. (Born Oct 4th) We have 6 healthy, lovable infants all set to reserve! 2 girls, 4 boys. Two with tails, 4 without. Costs depend on tail length and coloring. They have been raised indoors, with children, other felines, a huge pet, and great deals of activity. They have been wormed, are trash box trained, and on an organic/grain totally free diet plan.
Please contact to learn more on your favorite(s) after checking out the descriptions below. I will update this post as they are reserved. Our children go QUICK!
Female Tailed Black and White Cymric - $150.
This lady is a stylish little princess with beautiful cymric coloring and eyes, and she understands it. Born the tiniest in the bunch, we nicknamed her "Minnow", however she's now one of the most significant. A preferred at our house, she has a sweet and extremely calm character, loves her toys and other felines. Gorgeous, nearly symmetrical, black spots on a pure white coat with a strong black tail.
PICTURE 2 & & 3
. Male Cream and White Shorthaired Bobtail - $200.
A real cream, will not darken with age. Gorgeous light light orange coat, with white feet and chest. Has a bobtail, which is about an inch long. Extremely laid back, (a favorite of the children, so he gets carried around a lot.) sleeps on our laps, doesn't work as lively and crazy as his bigger brothers, but is very personalized. Likes our Golden Retriever and doesn't mind other felines. ADORABLE face!
IMAGE 4 & & 5
. Female Blue and White Shorthaired Stumpy - $250.
A feisty playful little girl that enjoys action, her toys, and any individual that will have fun with her. We supplemented her with a bottle as a small kittycat, and she would bite the nipple and run off, dragging the bottle with her and roaring at any individual who came close to her prize. Has a great "mouser" personality, really mindful, very spirited. She has gorgeous blue-grey coloring with a white chest and feet, a little white V on her nose. and an incredibly soft coat. Short stumpy tail.
Male Grey and White Cymric Stumpy - $250.
We love watching this man run and play. He has the cutest, most overstated "hop" of all the children. He's got the tiniest of stumps for a tail, which is almost hidden in his fluffy smooth fur. White feet, legs, underbelly and chest, with blue-grey patches on back, head, and little masked face.
Male Tailed Red and White Shorthair - $150.
An extremely playful little man with blue eyes, white feet, and the sweetest face. He is mindful and playful, comes when we call him. He wants to ride on our shoulders, and be brought around in our sweatshirts. Red's are among our favorite colors, especially in males, as they appear to have the very best characters.
Male Blue and White Shorthaired Stumpy - $250.
Probably the greatest child in the litter, however interactive and extremely docile. He strolls with an air, like he's the boss. I'm thinking he will certainly be a BIG kid. Suches as sleeping on or by us, likes to enjoy bird videos on our computer. Haha. White chest and feet on beautiful solid blue with green eyes.
More photos readily available upon demand.
We are located about 25 minutes north of the Portland Airport in Battle Ground, WA. Don't hesitate to call or email: .

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